Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clean, oil and new needles for all

Before I get too far behind, I think and since I haven't used a couple of my machines for awhile, we'll clean, oil and pass out a round of new needles for all.  Finish a couple little projects with the 730 and send all of you on your way with the lace thread test sew outs.

I try to clean and oil my artista machines every other bobbin.  My 830 with every bobbin. 

With the oscillating  hook I take the hook out to oil by putting a drop of oil on  my finger tip and running it along the hook.  Also take the time to check with the tip of the hook with your finger nail for any burring.

With the rotary hook I turn the hook to see the little "V" and with just a little drop of oil going right there.  Sometimes these machines get one extra little drop of oil her in the back if they are still a little noisy.

For the 830 Series follow these instructions, except I think you should oil much more often with every new full bobbin seems to work for me. Go to the BerninaPhaff Sewing Center.

I've decided to use the 830 after all with the Isacord because of the large M class bobbin, the 630 with the Bottom Line mainly because some bobbins already wound with the red color, and the 200 & 730 with the Mettler 50 wt. thread, polyester and silk finish cotton.    I'll be using up Badge Master stabilizer for this thread test.