No-Reply Bloggers

Are you really a NO-REPLY Blogger?

You might not even know you are a No-Reply Blogger!   All of your comments made on my BLOG "off Avondale Road"   are automatically sent to my email inbox.   If your settings aren't correct, you are a No-Reply Blogger, and I have no way of contacting you.  I reply to every comment I get, so if you don't get a reply back from me in 24 hours or so, then you are a No-Reply Blogger.  Does this happen to you when you leave comments on other blogs too?   Have you ever wondered why?  If you have the correct settings in your Blogger profile, your email address comes with your comment, allowing me and other bloggers to reply directly to your comments via email.  That means I can't share with you more information, answer questions and you will not and can not be a prize winner ever, never-ever!  Now that's no fun.

Using Blogger  ~  HOW to fix your NO-REPLY Blogger:
 To fix this in your
1.   Click on the Dashboard. 
2.   Select Edit Profile.
3.   Under Privacy check the box for "Show my Email Address".
4.   Under Identity  type in your email address.
5.   Scroll down and click on  "Save Profile Changes".

See this is easy as pie!