Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sew Expo ~ Day 1

Today was the first class day at Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA.  There is no shopping at the vendor booths today, only hands on classes.  It was billed as "The Biggest Sewing Party in America!" this year.  I always look forward to attending the classes there.   Today I took Libby Lehmans's Pinatita Quilt in the Bernina class room.  We were sewing on the new B 580 machines - very nice machines, BTW.   The class kit was made up of Ricky Tims hand dyed batiks, solid black fabric and a firm stabilizer  (all cut to size) and a spool of  Rainbows (variegated thread) and three spools of Ricky Tims Art Studio Colors (bright solids)  from Superior Threads.  Using the circular tool maker attachment, we first created our appliques, cut  out the appliques and then proceeded to have fun playing with the many decorative stitches on our machines and different colors of threads.  This was my favorite class at Sew Expo this year.  It was so much fun to sit and play with the different stitches on the machines. 

1.)    Have a piece of fabric (I think a similar colored fabric is more helpful than natural or white muslin to see what the stitch and thread color choice will look like) and stabilizer to try out your stitches on first on.  Don't forget to try out  some of the alphabet stitches, they can be interesting also.
2.)  You may need to adjust your top tension down to a lower number to get a prettier stitch.  This is one of those times when you want your top thread to come to the backside of the fabric.  Test each stitch first.
3.)  If your machine has a "Combi mode or Memory" create some stitch combinations.
4.)  If your machine will allow you to change stitch width, stitch length or elongate the stitch, play with those features on your machine to change how your stitch looks. 

 I can't wait to start again on these blocks using this technique.

Pinatita Quilt


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leaping Blog Hop Party

Blog Hop Party Closed

Bog Hop Parties, with prizes, are so much fun, don't you think?  I hope you will take a few minutes and look around my blog.    Don't forget to read the rules and leave a comment to win the prize.   Good Luck to you!

And now for my prize, er prizes.  I'll draw two four names to win.   I'm giving away my NEW favorite marking tool:    FriXion Erasable Gel-Pens.   I've used just about every marking tool available on the market, hated some and liked some.    These are FriXion Erasable Gel-Pens are just the best.  The marks go away with heat - - -  iron it, throw it the dryer and the marks are gone or per the FriXion website description  "become translucent at 65 degrees C"  and "at  -20 degrees C  will re-appear albeit faded ".      

My Rules
1.  To win, please leave me a comment.  
2.  Please, only one comment per person.
3.  Please leave me a way to contact you. If you are a No-Reply blogger, then please leave your email address in your comment.  If I can't contact you, you will not and can not win ever. That would be so very sad, don't you think?  If you do not know if you are No-Reply blogger then read the No-Reply Blogger Tab above and how to fix your No-Reply settings.
4.  This giveaway is open to everyone, including international blog hoppers.
5.  This giveaway will start on NOW and end Thursday, March 1st 12:01 AM PST. 
6.  The winners will be announced on Friday, March 2nd.
7.  I will use a Random Number Generator to select the winners.

After you have entered my giveaway, remember to hop on over to Elizabeth's blog Such a Sew and Sew to take you to all of the other giveaway links.  The list of links are available now with more being added -  so check back.  Have fun, good luck  and Happy Leap Day Blog Party Hopping!


February 28th ~ 15 Minute Challenge

Not as much time spent in the studio as I had planned, but I got in there more often this past week and did get a little more sewing and embroidery accomplished. And, I started to exercise again, at least it is a start for now, I'm going to really have to work at it.  Next week isn't looking like I'll get much done since I'm going to SewExpo for four days of classes. 

Tuesday - Sew and exercise
Wednesday - Working
Thursday - Sew and exercise
Friday - Working
Saturday -  Working
Sunday - .Sew
Monday - Nothing  - had good intentions but didn't make it happen

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Show 'n Tell ~ February 2012

These are pictures from the Bernina Software Sampler and Embroidery Club that I teach at Bernina Northwest in Seattle.

Linda B.

Linda B. made this lovely quilt top.   My camera ran out of battery's power and grrrrr - the other batteries I had with me were also dead - so I missed getting a picture of her other quilt top.  And Ingrid I missed getting your pretty cuddle quilt, pillow and snap purse.  I'm sorry - bring again and I get pictures.

Pat H. Paper Pieced Quilt
Pat H. Fairy Blocks

Pat H. made the stunning paper pieced quilt on the left.  It is really beautiful.  She also made the pretty quilt on the right with the Fairy Blocks.

Virginia S. made  Diamond String
Virginia S. look at her corners
Virginia S. made the quilt on the right with the String quilting blocks cut into diamond shapes.  L love it.  And she made the quilt on the right with different corners.  Look at it and you will see squared and rounded corners.  It is neat looking.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stash Report 2012 - Week 9

O.K.    I did good this week, nothing in.   After the past two weeks it seems kinda boring with no new fabric coming in.  The good news is there is some more fabric used, OK not allot, but still used.  And I can count it out of my stash.  Yippee!

Stash Busting - Week  9

Added this Week:   0  yards
Added Year to Date:  29.25 yards
Used this Week:   1.25 yards
Used year to Date:  3.5 yards
Net Added for 2012:  25.75 yards

To see more stash reports, head on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leap Day Giveaway ~ A Blog Hop

Oh Boy!!!   There is going to be another Blog Hop Party next Wednesday - Leap Day.  It was fun to be one of the participating blogs last time in a Blog Hop Party, so I thought I would like to play again.  You'll have to come back to find out what I'm giving away next Wednesday - Leap Day - February 29th.  The prize is a goodie.  I love using them and I hope you will too.  No, I'm not telling you what it is yet.

Elizabeth at Such a Sew and Sew thought this would be a fun way to celebrate her 700th blog post.   BTW congratulations Elizabeth.  And since the February 29th is a special day that comes around only once every four years, what a great idea to host a Leap Day Blog Party.

Elizabeth's Rules are

Here's how it works:
1.  Choose something to give away on Leap Day.  Keep it simple.  You can make something, give away a bit of your stash, offer a service, buy your favorite gadget to give away or offer something completely non-crafty.  Your blog, you choose.
2.  To participate in the blog hop, your giveaway must start and end on Leap Day (February 29, 2012).  You can open it at 10:00 am and close it at 10:00 pm, or go midnight to midnight, or anything in between.  Your blog, your rules.
3.  Post your giveaway and then link up at Such a Sew and Sew.  Please include the Leap Day Giveaway button (code found on the Leap Day Giveaway post) somewhere in your post.  The linky will open at noon MST on February 28th and close at 10:00 am MST on March 1st, to allow for people in different time zones to participate.
4.  If you want to include the linky on your giveaway post so that others can link up from your blog the code in available here.   If you choose to add the linky to your post, you MUST include the above rules so that it is fair play for all.

I know that Leap Day is next Wednesday, so what do you do in the meantime?  First off, decide what you're going to giveaway.  You can even write your post and schedule it to appear at 12:00 am on the 29th.  And second, please spread the word.  It will be a very lonely linky party if it is just me giving a little something away.  Post about it, add the buttons to your sidebar, mention it to everyone you know, pressure your friends into joining.  Just kidding about those last two.  Sort of.

I hope you'll join me in what I think will be a really fun day of giveaways!

Hop on over to Elizabeth's blog Such a Sew and Sew and read about her upcoming blog party hop.  Join in or just come back and play on Leap Day.

Remember to visit back on Wednesday, February 29th to win some fun prizes.



Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wedding Quilt

Wedding Quilt for Bob and Stella's wedding in January 1942

Laura L. Norcutt Kartak

Laura L. Norcutt Kartak

This is the Grandmother's Flower Garden wedding quilt that my husbands grandmother, Laura L. Norcutt Kartak,  (4/30/1886 - 12/20/1985) made for her fourth and youngest  child, Robert (Bob) Aurelius and his bride Stella Marie.  It was made before WWII started, they were married in January 1942 before Bob was shipped out to the Pacific.  Stella then went to live with her new in-laws, she was not yet out of high school.  Laura and her husband, Louis lived in Park Rapids, Minnesota, where Louis was the Creamer Manager for a large company.  Laura made four of these quilts in different colorways - yellow, blue, pink and green, as wedding quilts for each of her children.  She used her Singer Treadle Sewing machine to piece it together.  (I have that treadle today).  It was hand quilted by a Native American woman who took in washing, ironing, sewing and quilting.  Laura would pay her weekly so she always had money to buy food for her family.  All four of the wedding quilts were made sometime in the 1930's.   According to Stella, this is the only one of the wedding quilts that survived.  Bob's favorite color was green.  He always said "that green was grateful to the eye".   Stella's favorite color was blue, another restful color.  After some years of use, she said "that since green wasn't her favorite color she carefully put their wedding quilt away".  I'm glad she did, it now lives much of the time in our guest bedroom.

Link to other Vintage Things at Colorado Lady Vintage Things

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21st ~ 15 Minute Challenge

Not as much time spent in the studio as I had planned, but I got in there more often this past week and did get a little more sewing and embroidery accomplished.   And, I started to exercise again, at least it is a start for now.

Tuesday - Sew and mend
Wednesday - Working
Thursday - Nothing
Friday -  Embroidery
Saturday -  Edit embroidery designs
Sunday -  Embroidery
Monday - Sewing

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stash Report 2012 - Week 8

I order these Moda fat quarters Kansas City Troubles Sandhill Plums and  Cattails & Cloves fat eights at the same time as I ordered the fabric from last week.  Since I didn't make it to the Post Office in time to pick this package up last week I didn't count them.  Several things in progress, but not completed therefore not counted out.   aah sigh . . .

Stash Busting - Week  8

Added this Week:  12.5  yards
Added Year to Date:   29.25  yards
Used this Week:     0  yards
Used year to Date:  -2.25  yards
Net Added for 2012:  27  yards

To see more stash reports, head on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Treadle Top Table Edge ~ Done

Derin has been working some more on the treadle table top.  This is what he did on Monday and Tuesday.

He got a new router bit just for this project.  It gives an edge on the top and bottom of the table top.  He built a fence on his table to keep the edge of the top running straight.

It's hard to see both the top and bottom edge of the table top.  Click on the picture to zoom in. 

The top is sitting on the cast iron frame.  Isn't it going to look nice?

Today he worked with the hand tools to clean up the edge, fussy work.  The wood in the table top is starting to look beautiful with just a light sanding. 400 grit is starting to bring out the beauty. The higher the grit the more beautiful the results. The fussy work allows the wood to be the very best it can be.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th ~ 15 minutes of Sewing

Another week has flown bye.   I worked on several things during the week but not with enthusiasm.  Was it the rainy days?   I want to get back to those projects now so maybe this week will be better.  Why is starting projects so much more fun?   I'm always glad when a project is finished too.  Gotta go sew now.

Tuesday -   Nothing today
Wednesday -  Working
Thursday -  Attended classes, no time in sewing studio
Friday -   Nothing
Saturday -   Nope didn't sew again
Sunday -   Got some more embroidery done
Monday -  Went to class and came home with more ideas

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day

What a wonderful Valentine's Day.   Look what my hubby gave me.  He is a sweetheart.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stash Report 2012 - Week 7

I let my fingers go shopping with my credit card on the Internet.  Oh, I know I shouldn't have, but I did buy it.   I'd seen this pretty fabric line by Robyn Pandolph for  RJR called "Desired Things".   Desired it I did!  I don't have a project for it, I just liked it. I think the colors are prettier than photographed.  Note to self:  control yourself.

Stash Busting - Week 7

Added this Week:   7.5 yards
Added Year to Date:   16.75 yards
Used this Week:   1 yard
Used year to Date:   2.25 yards
Net Added for 2012:  14.5 yards

To see more stash reports, head on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Treadle Table Top

Derin started the table top for my antique treadle frame.  I think this is a  very pretty frame, with the graceful scrolls.   I was going to use this in my office, but the wood - African Mahogany, he got is so pretty that when it is finished I think I'll put in the entry way. Then I can move the Singer Treadle table into the office.   Here is what  Derin is doing.


Friday, February 10, 2012

New Work Bench in the Shop

Derin built himself a new work bench.  Guess what?  My largest cutting mat fits it.  I could use this for pinning quilts that are larger than my cutting table.  It is a great height.  Just blow it off, wipe it down and put the rotary cutting mat on it.  It seems like a good idea to me.  Yes, the shop is very messy, Derin says someday it will be better organized. 

He is working on my new table top.  We got this antique treadle frame last year.

Add caption


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Antique Sewing Bird

My husband started my collection of antique sewing accessories for me a few years ago.  It all started when he was looking for a gift.  Since then I sometimes will get one of these little vintage surprises.  He shops and shops and likes to find a good deal.  Isn't he a sweetie!  I love this antique sewing bird I got this year for Christmas.

This is a wonderful brass vintage Sewing Bird / Hemming Clamp patent dated Feb 15, 1853 .  The mouth opens and closes down for holding fabric and the bottom clamp which is ornately decorated would be used to fasten to a sewing table. 

The bird is in excellent condition.  Unfortunately it is missing its original pincushion.  Most of the ones I've seen are missing the pincushions.   It has been well cared for and is in amazing shape for its age. 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 7th ~ 15 minutes of Sewing

Some weeks are better than others.  I felt like I was still fighting off a cold, so I took it easy. Thursday I missed or should I say spaced off my quilt guild meeting.  Hubby thinks it was better I didn't attend since I was so tired.  Took it easy over the weekend.

Tuesday -  Digitizing samples for class.  Shop for fabric on line, not what I needed in stash.
Wednesday -  Finish digitizing for class.
Thursday -  Went to store and found fabric for new project.
Friday -  Pre-wash the red fabric
Saturday -  None  Shopping with DH
Sunday -  None  Watch the Super bowl - yeah, OK I'm a football fan too, time well spent with Hubby
Monday -  Ironing pre-washed fabrics

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Design Wall Monday - February 6, 2012

This fabric is for two in-the-hoop bags made on my 830 using the jumbo hoop.  I'm going to use variegated red thread for the quilting motif on one of the bags and two colors, variegated red and solid red thread for the other.  The quilting motifs will be on the navy blue fabric and the red polka-dot is the trim.  I think it will look nice.

What are you working on?

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Stash Report 2012 - Week 6

Changes, my project that I'm teaching was changed sine the design collection we were to use is on back order.  Bummer.  But now I have this very cute Redwork Wall hanging to do.  It should fun and not too hard.  Unfortunately, I didn't the real red fabric on hand that I wanted to use, so I purchased these.

Stash Busting - Week  6

Added this Week:   4.25 yards
Added Year to Date: 9.25 yards
Used this Week:    0 yards
Used year to Date:  1.25 yards
Net Added for 2012: 8 yards

To see more stash reports, head on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times.