Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New FO's for January 2012

This month I've been doing a little sewing on this and that.  I had big ideas to get farther on with the Chloe quilt - that didn't happen.   Other things pulled me this was and that, as I tried out some new techniques and made some test samples for myself .  The best thing about this the New FO's is it gives me permission to start a new project.  There is no pressure to finish it.  I love it.  It lets the creative juices flow.  So when I found out I would be teaching the Magic In the Air wall-hanging starting in February I was very pleased.  Oh Boy! This is something I wanted to make.  Found almost all of my fabric in my stash.  Hmmm - that's good.  Then, we found that the design collection is now on back order, so we will be making this later in the year.  This cute wall-hanging didn't even get off of the cutting table.  Sometimes the best laid plans don't work out.  We have a cute new wall hanging project and I'll post more about it in February.

Magic in the Air

Go on over to Barbara’s blog Cat Patches and see the new January projects that everyone has started.


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Barbara said...

I love it, PJ. Thanks for sharing.