Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th ~ 15 minutes of Sewing

Another week has flown bye.   I worked on several things during the week but not with enthusiasm.  Was it the rainy days?   I want to get back to those projects now so maybe this week will be better.  Why is starting projects so much more fun?   I'm always glad when a project is finished too.  Gotta go sew now.

Tuesday -   Nothing today
Wednesday -  Working
Thursday -  Attended classes, no time in sewing studio
Friday -   Nothing
Saturday -   Nope didn't sew again
Sunday -   Got some more embroidery done
Monday -  Went to class and came home with more ideas

Go on over to Kate's "Life in Pieces" and see how everyone else has been doing last week.



Anonymous said...

Not a bad week. You have to get the ideas to do the projects, so it looks like this was a building week rather than a doing week.

Thanks for linking up this week.

thea said...

your week sounds like most of mine .. two days on, five days off. But better to do some than not any.

libbyquilter said...

hang in there and i bet next week will be better.


Kate said...

I had problems commenting yesterday, so if you have multiple emails from anonymous, they were probably from me.

Some weeks are just that way, still 3 out of 7 days where you did something quilting related isn't a total wash. Hope this week got off to a better start. Thanks for linking up.

Pat said...

Back in the days when I worked and was going to night school, I seldom got the chance to sew. Any sewing fun you can get is a change of pace.