Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wedding Quilt

Wedding Quilt for Bob and Stella's wedding in January 1942

Laura L. Norcutt Kartak

Laura L. Norcutt Kartak

This is the Grandmother's Flower Garden wedding quilt that my husbands grandmother, Laura L. Norcutt Kartak,  (4/30/1886 - 12/20/1985) made for her fourth and youngest  child, Robert (Bob) Aurelius and his bride Stella Marie.  It was made before WWII started, they were married in January 1942 before Bob was shipped out to the Pacific.  Stella then went to live with her new in-laws, she was not yet out of high school.  Laura and her husband, Louis lived in Park Rapids, Minnesota, where Louis was the Creamer Manager for a large company.  Laura made four of these quilts in different colorways - yellow, blue, pink and green, as wedding quilts for each of her children.  She used her Singer Treadle Sewing machine to piece it together.  (I have that treadle today).  It was hand quilted by a Native American woman who took in washing, ironing, sewing and quilting.  Laura would pay her weekly so she always had money to buy food for her family.  All four of the wedding quilts were made sometime in the 1930's.   According to Stella, this is the only one of the wedding quilts that survived.  Bob's favorite color was green.  He always said "that green was grateful to the eye".   Stella's favorite color was blue, another restful color.  After some years of use, she said "that since green wasn't her favorite color she carefully put their wedding quilt away".  I'm glad she did, it now lives much of the time in our guest bedroom.

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Diane-crewe said...

what a wonderful quilt...wonder if it was just "green" she did not like? Doent matter really means the quilt was preserved for you to own now x

Elizabeth said...

Wow. Amazing story and such a beautiful quilt. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing.

xo -E

LV said...

What a wonderful gift for a new bride. I have one like this but it very, very old.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Such a lovely post! So much fun to read the story along with seeing the quilt.

Happy VTT!

Keetha Broyles said...

Someone(s) has taken good care of that quilt for it to still be in such beautiful condition!