Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 31st ~ 15 minutes of sewing

I just got the project for weekend classes.  I won't have time to get it sewn, but will learn the digitizing. Then the new project started for the store for next week can be started.  Then it was put on hold.  Now I'm in waiting to find out  what to do next.

So here is my report. 

Tuesday -  2+ hours.  Sorting fats; fusing 'Steam-a-seam 2" to fabric for applique.  Need find black stabilizer.
Wednesday - None  Working today, found out I won't need this project 'til later.
Thursday - 1 hour.  Working for weekend classes. 
Friday -  None.  Working today
Saturday -  None.  Working today
Sunday -  Hour.  Put away project for now.  Sort thru stash for new project.  Trying not to get a cold.
Monday - 4 hours.  Work on editing designs

Go on over to Kate's "Life in Pieces" and see how everyone else has been doing last week.


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Kate said...

Hope you found a new project to start. That has to be frustrating to be working on something new, then it gets sidelined.