Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good Bye 2013

Sigh.  Should be a Very Big Sigh.  I didn't post in 2013.  At the start of the year I was happy with what I had learned here blogging.  And I then I got sick and it take me now a long time to get over minor colds and other things.  But later in the year I kept thinking I would like to start blogging again.  Little things held me back.  I don't have time to post everyday, so I won't try.  I will try to stay on the healthy side, get out more, exercise more and work with Tucker more this year.  I want to spend more time in the sewing studio.  Yippee!  I have a new Bernina 880 sewing/embroidery machine to start the new year with.  And the new Bernina Embroidery Software 7, too!  So there you have it.  I'm getting ready to start a new year,   No resolutions, just keep at it every day.  What are your plans for 2014?



Heather H. Karr said...

Welcome back! I love this picture you found. We had several similar ones that my great-grandfather penned hanging in our house growing up. Those strokes produced amazing artwork and calligraphy.

Kate said...

Yes, welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you make use of your new toy.