Monday, January 17, 2011

My Happy Birthday

For the last year my poor old (12 years old I think) Kodak Easy Share camera has been struggling along.  It has been dropped, gotten wet in the rain, and used hard.  Now sometines the lens won't close when you turn the power off.  I think I really need a new camera.  For my birthday I'm getting a new,  to me that is -   read "used" - Canon camera.  I asked Derin for one.  Then I looked on Amazon, and eBay.  I found a Canon Power Shot S51S digital camera, 8.0 mega pixels; 12X optical zoom, Optical image stabilizer.  It had in addition 5 extra  lens, camera bag, external flash and lots of other goodies.  And we won, at a very, very good price - so now all I have to do is learn how to use it.  What a great husband - got me just what I wanted.  Thank you honey.

PS:  My camera arrived and I am thrilled.  It is every thing they described and more, the basics seem easy. 

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