Friday, June 3, 2011

Joining In

I joined a quilt guild last month and last night attended my first meeting of the Stray Threads Quilt Guild.  I've been going to join a quilt guild forever, but I didn't get with it and do it.  I'm so glad that I finally did join in.  I know several people in this guild and I think I will enjoy being a member, participating in the activities and learning more about quilting and sharing.   This is a very active group, and is organized for educational purposes to encourage all member in the study of quilting and fabric arts.  To provide quilts and other sewn and handcrafted objects to charities.   Why didn't I do this years ago?

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corina said...

So glad you joined a guild. I kept putting off joining for years. When I finally joined the guild out here in Winnipeg my whole world changed. I've met so many people, made several good friends and have learned so much.