Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bowl Berry Pie

Today Derin made as Bowl Berry Pie of cherries, blueberries, apples and peaches with St-Germain liqueur made of Elderflowers from France.   We were introduced to Bowl Berry Pie at a small resort in Canada when we went there for our 25th anniversary trip.   Bowl Berry Pie was offered for desert and we asked what it was made of.   The server then explained that the filling for Bowl Berry Pie was made from what ever was in the bowl that day.  We really enjoy this pie because of the unique combination of flavors.  The acidic taste of an all berry pie is mellowed by the addition of other fruits. For each pie the addition of two tablespoons of a decent cognac, such as Remy Martin VSOP, will add a subtle sophisticated flavor that is hard to identify but greatly enjoyed.  The restrained use of spices will allow the wonderful flavors of the berries and fruits to enhance one another.  Four tablespoons of butter add a richness to the over all taste of the pie that can not be beaten.  This is truly a pie for everyone and it will soon become a favorite.

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