Thursday, December 1, 2011

Antique Lamp

The Monday before Thanksgiving we decided to get another lamp for the living room.  It's one of those funny rooms that has track lighting on the balcony of the sewing loft.  There is a soft lamp in the ceiling fan and an antique floor lamp from Derin's Grandmother.    But at night, especially in the winter, there is just not enough good lighting in there.  So Derin said "Why don't you look on eBay".  So I did and there wasn't much there.  Then I looked at the different lighting websites.  Nothing - I found things I thought were OK, but still not quite the right lamp.  I tried Vintage and Antique Lamps and Bingo! I found one almost exactly the same as our antique floor lamp.  It is a signed "HERCO ART, Meriden, CT"  W2-11842 floor lamp. brass and brass plated with a rich, even patina c.1940s, with four feet, three lights, and mogul bulb in a central diffuser bowl.  Has 3-way switch for arms and another for the mogul bulb.  Can make lots of light or use smaller bulbs for ambiance lighting.   (WOW - just like the other floor lamp!)  Has replacement pleated shade,  Measures 62" high by 17"  across bottom of shade.  Rewired.

After looking at the shade that was on our old lamp I knew that would also have to be replaced.  So it was all ordered.  Then they didn't have two shades the same color.  Chose another color.  Both had to be shipped special, but the dealer kept the other shade.  Spent of a week of worrying that I made good choices since it was coming from the the other side the country.  "Good grief !"  I thought every time I looked at the shipping costs.  It is here at last, and we're pleased with it. 


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