Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Time

Happy Holidays


I just got around to taking a few pictures of our Christmas Tree. It took us 3 days to decorate it, we took our time, lights on one day, most of the decorations on the following two days. We could have had it done in two days, but I think it was more fun not feeling like we were working at decorating. Still it is a big tree,  (twelve and one/half feet tall)  and it makes the living room look smaller.

For over fifteen years we decorated my MIL home at Christmas after her husband passed away.  It was always a really big deal for her and both  hubby and I worked at  it.  She got so much pleasure from it, we were happy to do it for her.  It got so we just didn't have time or energy, we both working full time+ jobs, to do a tree for ourselves after we did her tree and outside lights.  This is why we are enjoying our Christmas Tree every year so much.


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