Sunday, April 1, 2012

New FO's for March 2012

New FO's is it gives me permission to start a new project. There is no pressure to finish it. I love it. It lets the creative juices flow.

 It wasn't until March that I actually got started on the Holly Jolly Quilt for Christmas.  Since the first block I've decided not to do this as a multi-color  work, but as a red-work only.  This means that I have to re-embroider this multi-color block as a red-work block. 

Holly Jolly Quilt Block
Things have been slow going around here this month - heavy allergies and a cold have left me getting only a few things done this month.  Ah - gee sometimes I have to kick back for a bit.

Go on over to Barbara’s blog Cat Patches and see the new March projects that everyone has started.



Barbara said...

What a cute project!

Kate said...

Very cute block! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Allergies are no fun at all.