Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24th ~ 15 Minute Challenge

What a mess in my Sewing room Studio.  I always have a hard time referring to it as my Sewing Studio, but that is what it is.   Do you find it hard to refer to your creative area as a Sewing Studio, or do you call my Sewing Room or something else?  Need to get things - fabrics, threads and embellishment items sorted and put away.  Doesn't need to be perfect, I like some creative clutter but not the current mess.  Well, it might be another "Once in a Blue Moon" before it is ever so clean and organized again.

Tuesday -  Sew
Wednesday - Work
Thursday - Sew & S/W
Friday -  Nada
Saturday -  S/W
Sunday -  Sew & S/W
Monday - Sew & S/W

Go on over to Kate's "Life in Pieces" and see how everyone else has been doing last week with their "15 Minute Challenge".



Amanda said...

I'd love to refer to my sewing room as my studio but it really is just too much of a mess to be referred to as a studio lol. Not to bad on the challenge this week. Catch you next time

Kate said...

Not a bad week in terms of sewing, more days sewing than not.

I still call my sewing space my sewing room. Not sure why, I don't think of it as being a studio, it's my room (as opposed to where I sleep which is shared with My Guy). My sewing surfaces are all neat, but I have bins of fabric that need to be pressed and folded. So though I have lots of room to work, I can't find anything to work with!