Friday, January 1, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon

 Yesterday and today I spent cleaning up and cleaning out my sewing loft. Guess there is a truth to the once in a blue moon . . . cleaning the sewing loft. All of my other errands have been run and chores done. I wanted to sew but decided it would be nice to sort out and through projects that will be finished and not. Put away stabilizers, threads by color number and even made of list of Isacord colors I'm missing,- amazing I’m only missing 7 colors, but I have lots of duplicates that I sorted out hopefully to be used first. Re-organized and put away fabrics. Whew!!! Feels good!!! Wouldn't it be nice if I could keep it this way --- hohohoho!!! Took some new pictures, who know when things may be this neat again??? My sewing loft is good sized, it measures 18'9" x 17'8" and overlooks the living room. I should be ready to start sewing and embroidery 2010. Two of the sewing tables have quilters leafs that are not opened up in the pictures. I keep my embroidery threads organized – at least for now – in 4 cabinets (you can only see 3 of them) under the opened quilters leaf.


New Years Eve blue moon is the first one since 1990 and won't roll around for another 19 years. So tonight I'll celebrate the New Year and blue moon shining down. Blessings for a Happy, Healthy New Year.

PS: I made a mistake on this post and short of deleting this post and replacing it, I decided to leave it for now. So see if you can find the Easter-Egg photo in this post. It may not show up in some browsers.


CJ said...

Whoa baby, look at that beautiful sewing room! I'm in awe, all that table top space! Need a roommate? LOL

Snoozie said...

I have serious sewing room envy. All that space and light - heaven! Do you have 4 machines?! Lucky girl!