Thursday, January 7, 2010

Threads for Lace - Winter Pictures

I decided to use Sew Weird 's Christmas Pickle design --- it just sorta tickled me knowing I'd probably not get any made before Christmas (and I didn't)  so the lace pickles designs will now be my test for different threads.

I will be making 4 sets of these little cuties using Isacord 40 wt., Bottom Line 60 wt and I've decided to use Mettler Silk Finish Cotton 50 wt and another set with Mettler Metrosene Plus Polyester 50 wt.  OK,  I can hear you out there wondering why I would try some of these threads, well, these threads are readily available in this area and I have them in my thread collections with the exception of the pickle green which I'll pick some up this week.  So it should be interesting.  

Winter View  2009/2010
Winter Front View 2009/2010
I wanted to get some more pictures but my little old Kodak EasyShare that has been mostly mistreated by me wouldn't open up its lens today.  I should look into getting a new camera but I tend to do bad things to them, like dropping and letting them fall off of things and leaving them in the rain.  Maybe I can get this little camera working again this week with some help.  The light on the trees without their leaves was very pretty and things just look so different in the winter. 

Looking forward to next week as cousins and their son will be here for a few days.  Should be fun and it will tie in with my B-day so hubby will have a good excuse for cooking.  I'm luck as my husband is not only a good cook but has taken over cooking since he retired and  (should I be feelin' a little guilty - heck no!)  I just let him.

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