Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stash Report 2012 ~ Week 37

I got some sewing done this week.  I'm so easily distracted, my sewing room err studio is such a horrible mess.  It desperately needs to be picked up and organized, I do so much better when things are organized - I like it neat, with things put away.  I started a different project that I had not planned on, an idea that just sorta came to me.  Not the project I wanted to get going but similar.  I now need to decide if this should be three small wall hangings or one large one.   When I get more done I should be able to decide.  Good news is nothing in and again nothing finished, so nothing out but progress made.

Have you seen these "Swatch Buddies"?  It is a reusable fabric swatch fan kit.  There are refills available too.  I pick up one at the store to try.  I've had the different types of books, cards and what not.  What I liked about the Swatch Buddies is you can write information on the label that is attached to the back of each card and attach the fabric to the front.  I can see where someone like myself might need several of these.  There are 48 cards on each swatch fan kit.

Stash Busting - Week 37

Added this Week:    0 yards
Added Year to Date:  98.0 yards
Used this Week:    0 yards
Used year to Date:   4 yards
Net Added for 2012:  94.0yards

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Denise :) said...

I am like that ... I work SO much better when my things are organized! It helps me think more clearly or something. I like the idea of the Swatch Buddies...I've not seen anything like that before! I hopped over here from Patchwork Times -- your blog's name made me smile! :)

Kate said...

Having an organized space helps a lot with being able to walk in work without having to search for stuff. I'd never get anything done if I let the studio get to out of whack.