Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quilt Guild Night

The first Thursday is our Quilt Guild meeting.  This month the meeting was Quilt College with guild members teaching a technique that could be used in basic quilting or art quilting.  At each Demo table there handouts with instructions and in some cases a chance to make and take a sample. There were demos on how to do paper piecing, using Texture Magic, binding with mitered corners,  Ice Dying Fabric (looks like so much fun but Safety First when making the dyes up - it's just not for me) and Sharpie Pen/Alcohol fabric dying (this one I could do outdoors).  I made this little fabric at the demo station, it was fun.  So simple, it took me way back.  Here is Martha Stewart video clip you might like:


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Kate said...

Sounds like a fun meeting.