Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stash Report 2014 ~ Week #2

Have you ever said to someone who didn't sew/quilt/embroider that admired you project "Oh, it isn't hard to make."    I did - - - I should've known better . . .  My no-sew/quilt friend has always wanted to learn, she has asked me to help and I've always said yes . . . but we never have gotten together.  I thought this would be a good beginners project for her, and it was something she expressed interest in.  Well, did you guess?  I'm making it, and the project is growing in size.  I'm going to keep part of for myself and give it as a gift to her because that is where the growing is going on.  So this week I bought and ordered some more charm squares.  Not everything is here but I'll count it anyway as next week I will make a decision on the backing and binding and how much to buy.  I'm counting the each of the 5"Charm Square packs as 2/3 yards.   In a 42 piece package there is more yardage there than you might think!  Since I have to wait for part of the fabric to arrive I couldn't do anymore sewing on this project. 

Stash Busting - Week #2

Added this Week:   2  yards
Added Year to Date: 2 yards
Used this Week:   0 yards
Used year to Date:   0 yards
Net Added for 2014:  +2 yards

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It's funny how we becomes you sometimes.