Saturday, July 23, 2011

BU pictures – part 1

Here are some of the pictures from the sewing and lecture classes I took.   On the first day I had a chance to say   “Hello”   to Kari Curley.  She works very hard being the “list Mom” on several lists and does a great job.  Kudos to Kari for all your hard work.

I went to some fun Creative Clinics which are a little like a Show ‘ Tell of what products you can buy depending on the vendor.  Below are pictures from Simon Haskins seminar - he had absolutely beautiful samples for us to see.

Some fun ideas from the All About Blanks. 

  Some of the others presented by Bernina Educators are ideas of things you can do in your store.  Below  are those pictures.

I went to Best Foot Forward with Jo Leichte and Debra Rutledge.    A fun class using different feet.  We’ve been using this pattern in our store for the last year for a beginners class and it is a favorite.

Embroidery DIY with Kay Hickman and Judy Hahner.    Some fun ideas for a another little purse. 

CutWork Applique Ornament with Angie Steveson, lunch box Quilts.  She is a fun and generous teacher.  Enjoyed her class.

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