Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down to the barn

It was a nice evening.  I grabbed my camera to take pictures of the dogs.  I think they know when I have the camera in my hands.  I shot about 30+ shots with blurry movements - now why can't they stay still for just a moment for me?  Maybe it is me not holding steady, wait you mean I should stand still to take their pictures.  I did get two pictures, not really very good, but I deleted the rest. 

Dixie, Derin and Bobby in the background.   I cut off Derin's head - sorry honey, I'm still learning (that's my excuse and sticking with it.  Bobby on the right.

Pear tree on the left is just about ready to be picked,   The apple tree is almost ready too.

Look.  It's Tucker.  He's my big pretty boy.  He doesn't mind as much about having his picture taken.  Already in early October he is starting to "hair-up"  for the winter.  He'll be a fuzzy guy soon.

Behind Tucker you can see our neighbors house.

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