Thursday, October 13, 2011

I know, I should be sewing . . .

I know, I know, I should be sewing.  I would like to be sewing, but I'm not.  Derin said something to me this week about how all the kitchen hot pads had shrunk.   They are too thick now he says to grip plates and some pots with.  He doesn't really like the hot pads you buy in stores or the quilted hot pads that I could make.   And I think he is right, they don't last like these terry cloth woven loop.   I used to buy the nicest, thick terry loops from a vendor at Sew Expo.    Make the old fashioned woven hot pads.   Now I've been told that vendor has retired.  So I searched the web and found these.  Not as thick as the loops I used to get . . .but they seemed to work.  We will see how long they will last.  I ordered the variety of colors and white.  I like the clean look of white in the kitchen.   So I'm making terry hot pads - and making hot pads and making more.    Guess what,  I ended up with 52 hot pads.  Should carry us thru many years.

Old hot pads

Now can I get back to my sewing studio?

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Diane said...

Oh my gosh-those are my favorite pot holders too! I used to make them as a kid and after I got married my mom gave me one or two she had. Then I had kids and we made them (loops not as thick as in the old days!)
I was just thinking a week or two ago I need to find a package of loops and make a couple more-mine are getting ratty!