Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24th ~ 15 minutes of sewing

All ironing and mending done.  A new project started.  Need to find some other fabric for applique in my "stash" fabrics.  Then the power went out for 3 very long, cold days.  Not helpful at all.  So here is my report. 

Tuesday -  ironing done
Wednesday  - went through other "stash" fabrics
Thursday - none but computer sewing work
Friday -   nothing - the power went out
Saturday -  nothing - power is still out
Sunday -   rats, nothing, power is out
Monday -  nothing - yeah the power is on!  Catching up with household chores.

Go on over to Kate's "Life in Pieces" and see how everyone else has been doing last week.



Kate said...

Wow, three days without power! Not fun at all. Not much you can do when that happens. Glad the power is back on. Looking forward to hearing more about your new project.

rubyslipperz said...

O...I'm shiveringly sorry that you had to suffer thru all the time with no power. But, I'm glad that it finally came back to make life a lot easier...and looks like a bit more fun...well, besides the chores. =)