Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good bye snow

We did lose our power on Friday morning. I was never a good camper. I try to look at it like an adventure, me, a pioneer women – never! I do not like living without power. I do not like not having running water. We’re on a well and can’t pump water without power. Derin has an extra horse water trough that we keep full of water in the fall and winter months for utility use here at the house.  I keep many gallon containers of fresh water on hand year around. I do not like it when the house is almost as cold as outside. Thank goodness, we have a propane fireplace. That helped the front room stay sort of warm. Derin cooked on the gas barbeque outside. What good camper he is - his hands were so cold, even with gloves on.  The roads were still icy in many places, we didn’t try going out. The neighbors behind us could not get their cars up the little hill and I didn’t want our car/truck parked on the road if we couldn’t get up our very icy driveway. Friday I was able to start a new (to me) book, but Saturday and Sunday, we had more snow and ice pellets and there wasn’t enough light by the fireplace. And then on Sunday afternoon, the wind was blowing, it was a snow/rain mix coming down and the skylight in the living room started to leak.  It leaked right on Derin, not allot but we put down the big blue plastic tarp and buckets.  We have the roofers coming Monday morning.   I miss not having the internet available, I can’t sew – woe is me, and I miss not having any TV. Whine, whine, whine. Sunday, late in the afternoon the PUD truck came then left. I almost cried as they drove away. Come back, come back – fix the power! They did about an hour later. Aaahhhh . . . the power is back on. Amazing how much we rely on electricity.

It’s Monday and the warming trend is here at last. Good-bye snow. I love a nice snowfall each year and then I am done with it for this year. In the meantime getting rid of all of this used snow is so messy, ugly. I will be glad when it is gone. I am ready to move on to Springtime.


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Diane-crewe said...

glad you are getting back to "normal" life again xx keep safe