Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cold and Wet March

March is still cold and wet this year.  I don't think it is going to go out like a lamb.     We've not had really any nice pre-spring days.  It still feels like winter.

The garden is not looking like much is going on yet but the various varieties of garlic seem to be doing well.   Do you think we planted enough garlic last fall?

The little plum tree is really early with it's blossoms.  We're afraid that it won't get pollinated because it is so early.  But wait - Surprise, Surprise - Derin did see some bees this morning. 

Our rhubarb is looking good.  I think rhubarb is something you either like or don't.  This rhubarb is the pretty "red" kind that keeps it's red color when cooked.

Looking through the vine maple towards the house.  Look at all of the moss that has been growing on it. 


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