Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sew Expo ~ Day 3

This day three of Sew Expo.  I didn't go on Friday, March 2nd,  I stayed home, tried to rest some and play catch up around the house.  This morning I'm in Simon Haskins' Cutwork Pillow Class in the Brother class room.  Simon always presents a great class and brings lots of samples to inspire you.  In this class we used two plain lace edged napkins to create a beautiful cutwork for a pillow and made the little pillow to insert inside of the napkins.

My Cutwork for pillow
Embroidering my Cutwork

Cutwork Sample of Pillow Back
Cutwork Sample of Pillow Front

In the afternoon I was signed up for the Snap To It! Bag in the Juki classroom.  This was a fun, fast easy class that was well organized.  They had nice kits to choose from.  It was good end to the day.  I was tired and tomorrow we start at 8:00 AM.

Snap Happy Purse and fabrics in our kits



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