Saturday, March 10, 2012

Workin' on the Table Top

With the cold, rainy and snowy winter weather we have been having, it is taking the table top a long time to dry in between coats of tongue oil and sanding.  The shop is heated to a balmy 61-62 degrees but is so big that we don't heat it any more than that.  So Derin made a tent for the treadle table top to dry in.  Still it is taking longer with each coat of the oil.   It is really looking nice.


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strandkorbtraum said...

ohh I know that problem, when I worked as gardener we had to paint one winter all the garden benches and chairs (because there is no time for that sort of thing in the summer). We had a tiny little wood stove in a corner of the repair shop / garage a lean on to the barn ... aye it took ages for the paint to dry and you had to take care not to paint on it too thick as the paint was not as runny as it would be under "normal" conditions - the biggest problem was not touching the frech paint when you are wearing so many layers that you look like a snowman. We used to stove to keep the coffee warm and defrost our fingers occasionally.
The table looks really good. But if I had the choice I would want that workbench, it's more my taste.