Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sew Expo ~ Day 2

This day 2 at Sew Expo.  (Really it is day 1 because the vendors are all open today).  It seems just as crowded as always for the first day.  I got one of the last finishing kits for the Pinata Quilt, a Libby Lehman class I attended yesterday. 

Combined motifs and embroidered our initial
This morning I'm in Judy Hahner's class for the IPad Sleeve/E-Reader Cover in the Bernina class room. One of the things I like about the Bernina class room is that there are always plenty of helpers ready to help you.  And they always have all of the machines set-up and ready to go, which is job in-its-self.   Class moved quickly and most of finished or were almost finished, I think I would like to add a light weight batting to mine so I didn't quite finish.

Free motion quilted with the BSR on texture magic
Used decorative stitches

My second class was with Cindy Losekamp in the Viking class room making a Pieced and Applique Bag in the Hoop.   Although I've done this type of embroidery many times before, I enjoyed Cindy's class and she has some neat, new applique scissors coming out and a different technique for inserting a zipper in the hoop.  I felt that this was a more of an advanced embroidery class,  many of the other students were lost even with Cindy's excellent instructions.  There were not enough helpers in this class, and I know they were trying very hard.  For me this was a fun class, however I felt that the seams should have had decorative embroidery stitches since this was a crazy patch quilting.  Of course if we had done the decorative stitches we would have been even father behind and as it was, we did run into about half hour of overtime. 
Crazy quilt with applique bag


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